Advanced Technical Analysis

Enroll to this course to grasp the core of advanced technical analysis. This course equips you with the knowledge of the arithmetic marvels that shape successful trading.

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There’s nothing magical about technical indicators – merely simple arithmetic and a head for the obvious will get you most of the way. This course will take you to the starting line.
Discover the wonders of indicators and oscillators and how easy they are to use. Learn to understand the mechanics that make them work, and discover the mystery behind the magic of numbers.

What We Will Learn:

  • Oscillator Insights: Dive into the mechanics of oscillators, with a spotlight on RSI and Stochastics.
  • Moving Averages Mastery: Make moving averages your ally, smoothing out discrepancies and bringing clarity to the chaos.
  • Pivoting for Success: Understand the power of pivot points, leveraging past levels to foresee future market behavior.
  • Prophecy or Reality: Examine the intriguing interplay between mystery and self-fulfilling prophecies in trading dynamics.


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