Introduction to Technical Analysis

Gain the expertise to decode the intricate language of charts and harness their power. In this course, we’ll demystify the art of reading charts and reveal the remarkable effectiveness behind mathematical indicators developed by statisticians and mathematicians, and witness how these tools translate into actionable insights.

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The market reflects all the information that comes before it. Can we really ignore the fundamentals and leave it up to the charts. In this course, we will learn to read the charts and discover why this actually works.  We will learn about the indicators developed by mathematicians and statisticians in order to derive actionable results from charts. We will see how they work and discover how easy it is to use them as they appear in an automated form on most professional trading platforms.

What We Will Learn

  • Charting Evolution: Navigate the array of chart types available across trading platforms.
  • Candlestick Insights: Unveil the layers of information within candlestick charts, unlocking their secrets.
  • Trend Mastery: Learn how to recognize, track, and capitalize on market trends.
  • Critical Components: See the significance of support and resistance, volume, momentum, and commitments that influence trends.


  • Intermediate



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