Terms of Trading: Market Terminology

Prepare yourself for the world of financial trading. On your investing journey, it’s crucial to comprehend the language that shapes the trading landscape. This course is your essential guide to understanding trading terms, asset valuation units, and the tools needed to prosper in financial markets.

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Financial trading is serious business. Before embarking on your investing adventure, make sure you understand the terminology. In this course, we will learn about the terms and terminology of financial trading, the units in which we measure asset values and their evolution, and the basic tools required to invest in financial markets.

What We Will Learn?

  • Precision Measurement: Master the measurement lingo with pips, ticks, and lots – the foundational units of asset valuation.
  • Interpret transactions: How to understand what we’re paying and receiving with bids, asks, and spreads
  • Financial Leverage Clarity: Understand margin, leverage, balance, and equity – the crucial elements that dictate how much you have and how much you can invest.


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