Trading Bonds: Investing in Debt

How to transforms debt into a lucrative avenue for growth: Discover the mechanics behind bond issuance, their allure for institutional investors and funds, and how you can infuse stability into your investment portfolio.

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Their Debt – Your Profit: We will learn how bonds are issued and by whom, what makes them the most popular investment vehicle for institutional and funds, and how you too can add stability to your portfolio.

What We Will Learn

  • Bonds Uncovered: Understand the intricacies of bond issuance, the entities and motivations behind this pivotal investment vehicle.
  • Debt Investment Mastery: Learn the art of investing in others’ debt with the potential for robust returns and portfolio stability.
  • OTC Bond Trading: Navigate the world of Over-The-Counter (OTC) bond trading, exploring a dynamic marketplace beyond traditional exchanges.
  • Measurement Guide: Grasp the fundamental units of measurement – ticks and indices – that guide bond movements.


  • Intermediate


Bonds - What are they and how can we invest in them?

Buying Debt with Bonds – Video
3 minutes
Bond! Debt Bond! – Article
4 minutes
Bonds - Quiz
4 questions

Indices and units of trade

Ticks – Video
5 minutes
Measuring Ticks – Article
5 minutes
Ticks – Quiz
4 questions

Set up an Account

Set up your Trading Account
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