Trading Commodities: Oil, Gold & More

Enrich your understanding of the captivating world of commodity trading. Whether you’re an astute trader seeking diverse avenues or a curious learner intrigued by market dynamics, this course equips you with the knowledge to capitalize on the power of global market with confidence.

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What makes gold and oil commodities but gold watches and cooking oil not? Why is beef a commodity, but milk – not? Discover the importance of commodities in the global market place.

What We Will Learn

  • Exploring Commodities: The transformation of raw materials into commodities and their role in shaping the global marketplace.
  • Oil & Gold Mastery: Learn the art of trading commodities like oil and gold, gaining insights into their unique dynamics and potential for investment.
  • Commodities Measurement: Grasp the ticks and indices – pivotal units of measurement – that guide commodity trading decisions.


  • Intermediate



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