Trading Safely: Risk Management

In the world of financial trading, preservation is key to success. Unlock the vital strategies and practices that shield your investments. Unveil the secrets of securing your capital and maximizing returns through prudent risk management techniques.

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The only way to profit from financial trading is by ensuring you don’t lose your entire deposit at the outset. We will explore some techniques and habits you should adopt to get the maximum benefit from your investment. We will learn about margin, equity, leverage and balance, and how these should be constantly monitored to avoid surprises. We will discover the added value of financial analysis, and how to manage risk in a manner that no matter what we trade in, the outcome will not be terminal.

What We Will Learn

  • Critical Metrics Decoded: Gain mastery over margin, equity, leverage, and balance. Discover how to carefully monitor these factors to prevent unexpected outcomes.
  • Analytical Armor: Fortify your risk management strategy using the power of financial analysis. Explore diverse analysis methods and their synergies in ensuring your trades stay resilient.
  • Risk Management Mastery: Learn to employ market orders and skillfully monitor profit/loss to effectively manage risk, developing a resilient trading portfolio.


  • Intermediate

Pre-requisites (recommended)


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