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I am new to financial trading. Where should I begin?

Although you can simply sign up for our Beginners course or our Quick & Dirty course to begin trading within hours, we strongly advise you to take our online assessment. We will gauge your needs and level of knowledge, and provide you with a personalized course of studies.

Is learning all I need to succeed?

At Avatrade Academy we believe that learning is a never-ending process that only begins with the course unit. Unless you are prepared to immerse yourself in the economic news of the day, study charts extensively before committed a penny to the next trend, financial trading is definitely not for you. As a result, we also maintain a daily news and analysis service, offering our clients the best signals from a top-tier 3rd party signals provider and social media alerts in real time whenever the news rates immediate notification. For at the end of the day, knowledge is what separates the investor from the gambler – the Sharp Trader from the rest.

What is the aim of the Avatrade Academy?

In view of increasingly stringent requirements on the part of regulators, online brokers are now responsible for ensuring an investor’s adequate knowledge of financial markets before enabling him/her to trade. A certain level of experience and knowledge is now necessary to obtain higher leverage and some traders may be locked of more volatile (and thus potentially more profitable) assets. On the other hand, investors have been hit again and again by unscrupulous funds and retirement scams, resulting in the unprecedented growth of the online investment industry over the past decade. SharpTrader was therefore established to train the growing number of people who are recognizing the necessity to take responsibility for their savings. It is our aim to empower everyday investors towards responsible and informed, independent investing.

Where is the Avatrade Academy main campus situated?

Like a growing number of universities, Avatrade Academy aims to offer its services to as wide an audience as possible. Our facility is entirely online and based on the best practices of the micro-learning and e-Teaching sectors. This enables us to often suit the best possible instructor to each individual student, based on needs rather than geographical accessibility.

What courses and materials do you provide?

Avatrade Academy is the first online academy for financial trading that offers specialized courses – each aimed at a different user segment. At present, we offer over 20 different courses with more than 50 units. Each unit is comprised of a set of videos and reading materials – often with links to external sources to widen the student’s horizon beyond the strict requirements of the topic. The material has been compiled by experienced pedagogues and market professionals, and tested against an audience of traders for feedback and fine-tuning. In addition, we offer regular webinars that are open to the full participation of attendees and often hosted by a panel of experts. Finally, for those who wish to take their education to the academic level, Avatrade Academy operates in coordination with Hard Knoxville University, which publishes its own courses on our website. For a significantly reduced price, Avatrade Academy students may also sign up for courses towards an academic degree.

What do you mean by “personalization”?

Different people have different needs. Some will be investing in financial markets for long-term security, others for short-term profit. Investing for retirement is quite different from speculating. Some people are mentally adapted to seeking thrills, others not. Each type of investor requires a different skills-set; and it is our aim to gauge the needs and desires of each of our students and formulate a learning strategy best suited for each.

Who will be able to access my personal information?

Your personal data is safeguarded at the same level of security as is standard in the financial investments world: we use the latest protocols and measures that are standard in the financial world, whether that is SSL encryption of all information and high-level security vetting of all our employees. Assessments are conducted entirely inhouse by pedagogical professionals who are duty bound towards maintaining the highest possible level of confidentiality.

Do I need to sign up?

The Avatrade Academy site is open to all visitors. However, to access past webinars and analysis, you will need to sign up – at which point you will also be able to select to receive our daily newsletter and weekly webinar notifications. All users (signed up or not) can sign up to webinars as listeners only. They can also access the individual course description pages and watch the introductory video. However, to access the course units and actively participate in webinars, you will need to purchase a course.

What is the duration of each course?

Avatrade Academy offers different courses for different requirements. The shortest is 3 units, the longest – 12. Each unit includes about 5 to12 minutes of video and 1 to 8 articles. The speed at which you complete all units is up to you.

How do I monitor my progress?

Once registered, you will receive a link to your own “Personal Home Page”, where your required courses and units are listed. Next to each unit you will find a progress bar, and at the end of the course – your final grade.

How do I access my course?

Your course list – each with its respective units accessible when you click on the course name – appears on your Personal Home Page. You can either click on a unit or on the “Continue” button, that will return you to wherever you left off – either an incomplete (exam not successfully completed) unit or to the next in line.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can watch a video?

No. Once you have acquired a course, it is yours to keep. You may re-watch any video (and retake each exam) as many times as you like.

What comprises a "course"

At Avatrade Academy we have put together a wide selection of courses, each dedicated to a specific topic but also directed at a specific user-type. In addition, we can also manufacture courses to answer the user’s unique requirements. Each course is comprised of several units – some introductory, some topic specific. Each unit includes a lesson video, a demonstration unit, a main article, additional reading, and an exam or assignment. To successfully complete a course, the user must obtain a passing grade (60% and above) in each of the units. You may retake exams as often as required. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate recognized by most regulatory authorities (for a comprehensive list of international regulators, click here).

Are there tests and assignments?

Yes. Most units have a short multiple-choice quiz. Some have an assignment you will need to complete and upload using the upload function on your “Personal Home Page”. A “Pass” grade is 60% and you must achieve a “Pass” grade in all units; but you may retake exams as often as required.

Are there time restrictions or deadlines?

No. Complete the units and course at your own pace. We realize that most of our clients have other interests in life – a job, children. And like most other micro and e-teaching institutions, we would rather see you succeed than succumb.

Are Avatrade Academy courses accredited?

According to the latest KYC regulations being enacted around the world by different regulating authorities, traders must demonstrate varying levels of competence in order to obtain higher leverage and access to various assets and instruments. The Avatrade Academy prepares traders for such exams. In addition, Avatrade Academy is associated with the Hard Campus of Knoxville University, which offers its own academic courses through our academy. Some courses taken from the Avatrade Academy curriculum will earn points towards a relevant degree.

Can I access the academy on mobile devices?

Yes. Although we personally recommend the quiet and immersive atmosphere of a room with a personal computer, all of our materials have been designed to be completely accessible by tablets and cellular phones.

Are your videos live?

No. Our videos are pre-recorded. Our webinars, on the other hand, are live and depend to a huge extent on the active participation of our students.

Can I download the material?

Today there are a host of applications to download even the best-protected videos; thus, none of our materials are download protected; on the other hand, we do not offer a dedicated “download” function. However, the financial world in such flux, we strongly advise against downloading materials, since these are quite often updated. Once you have acquired a course, it is yours for the keeping, no matter how many times we change, update and add materials to it.

How can I join a webinar?

Select a webinar from our webinar calendar and click on “Register”. You will be directed to the webinar signup page, where you will be required to fill in your details. We will then send you a confirmation email with a link to the webinar and a reminder the day before.  Click on the link on the appropriate date and time and the webinar platform will download and run.

Is participation in webinars a course requirement?

No. However, since participants are drawn from users much like yourself, webinars are – besides a valuable learning experience – an excellent opportunity to expand your trading network (“power of the masses”) and test your own pre-conceptions.

How long are your webinars?

Contrary to most other sites, Avatrade Academy webinars are completely open to viewer participation. Therefore, it is difficult to gauge the length of each one beforehand. As a rule of thumb, webinars are between 45 and 90 minutes.

Where can I see past webinars?

Click on the “Past Webinars” link on the “Webinars” page to see a list of past webinars categorized by topic.

How do I register for a course?

You can either select and sign up for a course from our list of courses independently or else fill in our online assessment. If you fill in the questionnaire, you will then receive our suggestions for courses that fulfill your needs. After selecting the course(s), fill in the required details. Once payment has been accepted, we will send you your course details (dates, requirements, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

How can I change my password?

Sign into your Personal Home Page. There you can update most of your information, including your password.

If I change my email address, will I continue to receive your newsletters and webinar notifications?

When you sign up to Avatrade Academy, you will be assigned a Personal Home Page, to which you can upload materials and update information, including your email address and password.

Can I register for more than one course at a time?

Yes, you may register for as many courses as you desire. However, we strongly recommend you complete one course before continuing to the next. In addition, returning students receive a discount for the next course they take. Your complete list of courses will appear in your Personal Home Page, along with the graduating mark for each one.

How can I pay for SharpTrader courses?

Avatrade Academy accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers.

How much do I need to pay to register to Avatrade Academy?

Simply registering to Avatrade Academy is free. Registered users may select to receive our daily newsletter and access market analysis and past webinars. Signing up for a course depends on the scope of each course. Usually, the more units, the higher the cost. Once you have completed one course, you may sign up for additional courses for a, upward sliding discount.

What happens if I lose my password?

In the login dialogue, simply click on “forgot password”. You will receive an email with a link that will forward you to the “reset password” page, where you will be required to enter a new password.

What is your refund policy?

Course purchases will be refunded within 30 days if you are dissatisfied with the course material and only if you have viewed less than 2 minutes of course material (not including the course introduction video). Refunds are usually processed within 5 business days unless payment was made by wire transfer. Depending on your bank, refunds may take up to 30 days to appear in your account. If you do not see your refund within 10 days, please contact us.

The video isn’t playing

Our videos are embedded using HTML5. While most browsers have by now adapted to this technology, Chrome and Firefox are certainly our favorites. Also, some employers may block certain video content. Just in case, please make sure you are logged in, your modem is connected, your internet access and that there are no advertising or popup inhibitors that may be interfering with the player. If all is in order and video continues to misbehave, please contact our support.

I don’t see my course on my Personal Home Page!

In the event of heavy traffic there may be a 5-minute delay in the appearance of your course on your Personal Home Page. Please wait for 5 minutes after completing the purchase and refresh the page.