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Basics of Trading: Principles for Success

With a solid foundation in trading terminology and tools, it's time to embark on a journey that converts theory into ... Show more
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Now that we have learned the basic terminology and discovered what tools are at our disposal, it is time to put all that to work. We will learn the basics of how to open and close orders, plus the fundamentals of risk management. We will stress the importance of using market orders, monitoring our open positions, but above all – never trading in an asset we do not understand! This course is aimed at those with a basic knowledge of financial markets who now want to put that knowledge to use.

What We Will Learn

  • Platform Proficiency: Master the online trading platforms and unleash the array of tools they offer, equipping you to navigate the trading landscape confidently.
  • Capitalizing on Movements: Unlock the art of profiting from both upward and downward asset price shifts, ensuring you find opportunities in any market scenario.
  • Safe Trading Strategies: Discover the essentials of market orders for secure and prudent trading.
  • Risk Caution: Effectively manage and monitor risk, safeguarding your investments and fostering a sustainable trading journey.


  • Intermediate