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Trading Platforms Crash-Course

Step confidently into the world of trading as we guide you through essential platform tutorials. Our crash-courses are meticulously designed ... Show more
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Welcome to the comprehensive guide to starting your trading journey! In this series of video tutorials, we will walk you through different trading platforms, ensuring that you understand the ins and outs, making your trading experience seamless and effective.

What We Will Learn

* AvaTrade WebTrader – A platform that champions simplicity and modernity. Perfect for both novices and pros, this platform eliminates the hassles of downloading or installing any software. Master its user-friendly interface in these sessions.

* AvaTradeGo App – Voted the no.1 Best Forex Trading App, the AvaTradeGo offers an unparalleled trading experience. Explore its stylish dashboard, intuitive management tools, crystal-clear charts, and other unique features that make trading a breeze.

* MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) – Often touted as the traders’ favorite, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are robust platforms that serve both beginners and advanced users. Explore the excess of their features and understand why they remain a top choice for many in the world of online trading.

* AvaOptions – Experience the innovation of AvaOptions, a Vanilla Options platform designed to give you unparalleled control over your portfolio. Understand how to optimize risk and reward to align with your broader market perspective in this enlightening tutorial.

* AvaProtect™ – Exclusive to the AvaTrade family, AvaProtect™ stands as the game-changer. This Ultimate Risk Management Tool is designed to refund your losses on unfortunate trades. Revolutionize your trading approach and safeguard your investments with AvaProtect. It’s time to trade with unmatched confidence.

* AvaSocial – The future of social trading is here. Learn how to tap into the collective wisdom of global trading maestros, to synchronize with peers and automate your trading actions. Discover why AvaSocial stands tall as the benchmark in social trading technology, catering seamlessly to both newbies and the experienced.


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