Start Trading Now… Quick & Dirty

Ready to dive into the trading world? If you are eager to embark on a trading journey, our “Start Trading Now… Quick & Dirty” course is your express ticket. Designed for those seeking a streamlined path to trading success, this course offers a swift recap of essential concepts, ensuring you bridge the gap between knowledge and action seamlessly.

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For those of us who have a basic understanding of finance but have never traded, it may be sufficient to learn the fundamentals of financial markets. This course provides a short recap of our extended courses, enabling us to tie together what we know with what is required. We will learn what financial markets are, what Forex is and how to trade it with relative ease and safety.

What We Will Learn:

  • Fundamental Ties: Link your financial understanding to trading essentials, seamlessly.
  • Forex Unveiled: Demystify foreign exchange markets and learn safe, accessible trading techniques.
  • Smart Instrument Use: Grasp the convenience of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in financial markets.
  • Market Mastery: Dive into market orders for strategic investment decisions.
  • Analytical Insights: Extract valuable insights from financial analysis.


  • Beginner


  • We strongly recommend you log into your trading account at AvaTrade for practice purposes
  • Some lessons might appear in multiple courses due to their relevance


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